Interested In A Better Return On Your Money?

IRA? Money waiting to be invested? Read on.

Learn more about investing in real estate deals. If you are interested in having us contact you, fill out the form on this page. See below for common questions and answers.

What kinds of returns are we talking here?

We can certainly do much better than your typical CD or money market account. Usually the returns are several times the return you're probably getting.

Will I have to collect the payments?

Nope. We prefer there only be one payment of all principal and accrued interest paid when the loan is paid (when we sell the property). That way, there are no hassles and accounting is simpler. For me, it helps with cashflow. For you, it makes things less complicated. You make the loan and then, after we've fixed and sold the property, you get a big fat check with all accrued interest.

How long do you typically borrow the money for each property?

We typically request the loan term to be 1 year. Most loans will be paid within 6-9 months however as that is usually all the time we need to fix and sell each property.

What happens if I need my money before you get done fixing and selling the property?

The short term of the loans we get should make the turn around pretty quick which should avoid this situation. If you feel might need the money sooner than the loan term, we prefer you didn't lend the money.

What happens if the value of the house drops?

Stock prices drop all the time...and by considerable amounts. Home values don't typically decline in the same way and definitely not with the same speed. Homes will always have value as people will always need a place to live. We are buying, all in, for below 70% of market value. This pretty much assures the loan amount will be less that the home value, which protects the loan.

That's great but what if your health declines or you die?

Hopefully this isn't something that we need to worry about (I'm in great health), but something we should cover just to be safe. The first thing that protects you is that we have a great team who does their jobs day in and day out whether I show up or not! Also, your loan is secured by the property. In the event something happens to me, my family and associates will likely be able to sell the property and pay the loan. In the event that doesn't happen, you can foreclose and sell the house yourself. You're covered.

Will my money be a part of a mortgage pool?

No. One loan per property is all we allow. You will be in first position.

How much money do you need for each property?

A typical deal is funded between $50,000 to $100,000. The exact amount depends on the deal (what we buy it for and the amount needed to fix it up).

Why do you use private lenders instead of a bank?

We don't fit banks mold. They want something that fits their cut and dry formulas. Houses needing repairs don't typically fit their lending criteria. They also take forever and we have to be quick when buying these houses at deep discounts. We are better off paying higher returns to have a simpler loan process and faster closings to keep us competitive.

Can I lend money from my IRA?

Yes. You will just need to move it to an administrator who will allow you to invest. We can help you with this.

I'd like to have this discussed with my attorney. Is that ok?

Absolutely. I'd be happy to talk with them.

What documents will I get when I make a loan that secure the loan and protect me?

The documents you will receive are a Real Estate Note, a Trust Deed (recorded with the county and sent to you afterward), an insurance binder showing you as mortgagee and a title insurance policy.

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